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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It works as a crop share program.  In the spring when a farms income is very limited, the consumer purchases a share of produce for the upcoming season.  This gives the farm the much needed funds for seed, fertilizer and other expenses, but also secures the customers spot for receiving the freshest fruits and vegetables for the harvest to come. We also do not pre-pack shares. For more information about our fruits and veggies CSA page 

We also provide a pork and beef meat CSA.  We provide the pork and our friends at Crooked Creek Farm in East Brookfield, MA provide the grass fed beef.  For more information on our meat CSA please visit to our meat CSA page or  

Top 6 Reasons to Join a CSA


A CSA builds a relationship between a consumer and their local farm.  Knowing where your produce comes from and who grows it is important!


A CSA purchase in the spring is a big help to the farm.  Farms need to spend a lot of money to start growing the food that wont be harvested for months to come.


Fresh produce is the best produce.  The customer will receive fresh picked fruits and vegetables weekly!


You Save Money!  Buying a CSA upfront will be cheaper than buying your vegetables at retail value all year long.


With the variety of produce it allows you to be creative with cooking and try out vegetables you might not be familiar with.


Other than eating healthy all summer, you can take adavantage of any extra produce and freeze or can it for produce over the winter!

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