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Our pork is non-GMO corn and soybean fed.  We source our grain local from Clover Hill Farm in Hardwick, Mass. When we pick up our grain it is milled to a protein percent of our choice (usually 16%).  Our pigs are raised in open pens that they can roam around and rut and eat freely within their limits.  We breed on the farm and have breeds such as Yorkshire, Berkshire, Black Spot, Tamworth, and Landrace.  Once a sow (female breeding pig) is close to farrowing, we move them into a smaller pen so they can comfortably have their piglets without being disturbed by other pigs and help keep the little ones safe.  Once born, the sow and piglets are kept together for 6 weeks.  Piglets grow very fast and are eating grain at this age and are weaned off the sow.  The sow is then moved back outside and the piglets will join other litters and then are sold as piglets or raised to a desired weight.  We never use growth hormones!

What pork products do we offer?

We offer all cuts: Sausage linked or ground (flavors include Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Cajun, Chirizo, French Apple, Jalapeno Chipotle, Breakfast, and plain ground pork), Pork Chops, Pork Ribs (country style and regular style), Bacon, Smoked ham steaks, Pork Kabobs, Butts, Shoulders, Loin Roasts, and more.  We also offer prepared foods as well such as pulled pork and pork pot pies.

Along with the cuts we also can provide you the option of a half or whole pig.  Whether you want if for your freezer (you get all the cuts from a half or whole pig) or if you want one for a pig roast, we have what you need.  

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