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FAY MOUNTAIN FARM |  Meet the Farmers 

Learn about our farmers!

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Your Local Farmer


Neil grew up playing outdoors. He always loved being in the dirt and getting muddy while exploring. Growing up in the greenhouses on his fathers nursery farm incubated his love for agriculture (It was only a matter of time).  It started out with some chickens, then a few pigs, and cows too. After a couple years Neil started growing a small amount of vegetables for wholesale which he increased from a 1/2 acre the first year, to 7 acres by the 3rd year.  After years of wholesaling while attending college he wanted an opportunity to sell produce at a retail value and offer CSA's.  The timing couldn't be more perfect and that's when he found out about Fay Mountain Farm.  Today Neil still raises pigs, operates about 30 acres of vegetable land, and Leases Fay Mountain Farm from the town of Charlton and provides fresh fruits and vegetables to locals through the store, CSA's, and a few wholesale distributors.

Fun Facts About Neil:

What's your favorite vegetable?  Raw sweetcorn right out of the field.

Whats your favorite fruit?  Tree ripened peach.

Favorite farm task?  probably plowing dirt!

Favorite farm smell?  Honestly dairy farms have the best smell, but at our farm, the smell of the cider room while we are pressing fresh cider.

Do you have a hobby off the farm?  I love to play hockey with the boys.

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