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We are joining up with our great friends from Crooked Creek Farm in East Brookfield, MA to offer you delicious, locally raised beef and pork.  Fill your freezers and fill your bellies with the best that Massachusetts has to offer!


Pork:  Our pork is our own farm bred and raised pigs. We never us growth hormones and only feed our meat pigs non-GMO corn and soybean grain grown and harvested by Clover Hill Farms in Hardwick, MA.  You can’t get any more natural or local than that!


Beef:  Crooked Creek Farm beef comes from their beefmaster cattle that are bred and raised on their farm.  The cattle are grass fed and raised without growth hormones.


Meat CSA Options:


The 6x6  ($645) -  The 6x6 meat plan consist of 6 pounds of each pork and beef totaling 12 lbs of meat per pickup. Price per pound:  $10.75


The 10x10 ($1,025) -    The 10x10 plan gets you 10 pounds of each pork and beef giving you a total of 20 lbs of meat per pickup. Price per pound: $10.25


This program will run this spring of 2019 for a total of 5 pickups (once every other week) and pickups will be on Saturdays.  


Inclusions of products will vary at each pickup to give you a true sampling of the excellent items we have to offer.  Your plan will include everything from ground products such as sausage and burgers to roasts, steaks, smoked meats, and more.  Many folks love the surprise of what they’ll see included in each share!

we are currently not accepting meat CSA sign ups at this time

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